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Selected publications

2021. Risk is Relative: Heterogeneous Responses to Institutional Risks for Foreign Investment. International Studies Quarterly. 65:3, 594-605. (co-authored with Quintin H. Beazer).
2018. The Conditional Nature of Political Risk: How Home Institutions Influence the Location of Foreign Direct Investment. The American Journal of Political Science. 62:2, 470-485. (Co-authored with Quintin H. Beazer)
2017. Policy Risk, Strategic Decisions, and Contagion Effects: Firm-Specific Considerations.  Strategic Management Journal, 38:3, 732–750. (Co-authored with Caterina Moschieri)


  • An earlier version of this article received the Best Paper Award at the 2015 Reading University-UNCTAD International Business Conference

2016. Frame or Get Framed: The Critical Role of Issue Framing in Nonmarket Management. California Management Review, 58:3, 66-87. (Co-authored with David Bach)
Current projects & working papers

"Corporate Political Influence Around the World" (with Srividya Jandhyala)
“Institutions, Political Activities and Firm Strategy: How Business Associations Affect Contracting” (with Quintin H. Beazer)
"CEOs and Political Donations: Are the Just Like Regular People?" (with Benjamin Barber IV)
“Public Opinion, Political Risk and Multinational Firms: Evidence from Cross-National Survey Experiments” (with Quintin H. Beazer, Raphael Cunha and Srividya Jandhyala)
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